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The cost of a cup of coffee? There is no lack of surprises both in Italy and abroad!

22 October 2018

"When in Rome, do as the Romans" is the supreme rule that governs the universe, even when we are just talking about the classic cup of coffee that we enjoy at a cafe, and its price. That said, one wonders: Is the cost of an espresso the same for the whole boot? No, of course not! Indeed, it not only varies from north to south, but also from city to city. It is often the indicator of what the cost of living is in that particular area.   Being a coffee roasting company allows us to learn a lot about the coffee consumption market and this has encouraged us to travel around Italy and to the leading cities around the world, to find out about the average cost of an espresso. Are you curious? There are quite a few surprises in store!   Turin and Venice are among the most expensive cities for coffee. On average, the cost is €1.10/€ 1.20 per cup. In Florence, the price is around €1.05 on average.   As for the Caput Mundi, or Rome, the cost of coffee has increased quite a bit in recent years, currently reaching on average €1.03 for a coffee at a cafe.   To find cheaper prices, you have to go south to the coffee capital, Naples, where for a "na 'tazzulella e’ cafè" you will spend 0.90 cents. Continuing our tour further south, we stop in out city, Bari, which seems to be the least expensive coffee city charging only €0.80, and finally on to Palermo, where the cost goes back up a bit compared to the lower the trend of the south, rising to €0.94.  

What about the rest of the world? How much will a cup of espresso cost?

  Without a doubt, the most expensive coffee you can drink is found in Norway, more precisely in Oslo. Are you ready? There you will pay € 4.50 for a cup; while the cheapest you can sip is in Portugal, in Lisbon, where you will enjoy a cup for a mere €0.70. Continuing around Europe, we then get to London, where a cup is €1.75, Paris at a €1.80, Berlin at €2.35, and lastly, Prague, at € 2.   In other continents, NewYork stands out as the metropolis with the lowest priced 'cup of joe', at around €1.80, while Tokyo, Sidney, and Cairo are the most expensive, with an average cost that is around €3.20.   We hope to have created a useful reference guide for when you decide to enjoy an espresso outside of your city, or during your travels. Obviously, since we have proven that Bari is the least expensive coffee city, we invite you to our bars and cafes to enjoy a good Battistino coffee, and for coffee lovers at home, try our pods, you will never be disappointed!          

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