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Coffee grounds: recycling and reuse

28 June 2018

Throwing coffee grounds into the bin, let me tell you, is a real waste. Coffee grounds, for those who don't know, are a real concentrate of antioxidants that can be reused in many ways and for various purposes: from DIY treatments for the body to gardening.   In this article we want to give you some advice on the use of coffee grounds for the garden and the vegetable garden!   To get a better compost The most important use that can be made of coffee grounds is to improve the compost. Being rich in many minerals such as magnesium, potassium, copper and phosphorous, when put in contact with the soil they release nitrogen, a nutrient which is necessary for plants.   To fertilise flowers Gardening enthusiasts unite! Coffee grounds are perfect for fertilising flowers that require acid soils for their growth, such as roses, evergreens, magnolias, hydrangeas, camellias and many others...   To remove snails Snails are very well-known to and feared by gardeners. They are, in fact, a troublesome threat, as they are the cause of so much damage to crops. Even in this case, however, coffee grounds, dried in the sun, can be an excellent remedy. Sprinkled along the perimeter of the garden, they can be of great help in removing snails without having to resort to chemicals.      

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