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Dragees: delights made in Battistino

20 September 2018

It is not only sweetness and delicacy, but also little moment of well-being for the mind. Chocolate is one of the most powerful nutrients: it is good for the heart, the brain and above all it improves good mood. A bit of chocolate consumed every day can do nothing but good, but if you want something more special which, combined with good chocolate, revives your palate, you just have to taste Battistino dragees. If you do not know what they are, we'll tell you right away! Special goodies coated in Belgian dark chocolate, made with only cocoa butter, and a surprise inside for true connoisseurs. Battistino dragees are delicious pralines, which are excellent after a meal, to be served to a guest, or to be included in a wedding sweets bag, together with the characteristic sugar-coated almonds. Battistino dragees are an explosion of taste, you can find them in three variations: bitter liquorice, limoncello and the classic Italian Amaro Lucano. A combination of flavours and aromas that drag you into a pleasant taste experience, in perfect Torrefazione Michele Battista philosophy where every product comes from a path made of research, quality and intuition.

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