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Ho.Re.Ca.: Merchandising for a 100% quality Battista bar

08 May 2018

We think of everything, even merchandising for a perfect Battista style bar! Since 1940 the Torrefazione Michele Battista has grown to today become one of the most important coffee companies in Southern Italy. The spirit that guides everything is always the same: the manual skill and inherited craftsmanship with which coffee has always been made. The company now has a capillary network of agents for the sale of coffee in the Bar sector, in Organised Distribution and Vending, with logistics managed directly and indirectly. In addition, the Torrefazione Michele Battista provides customers with a service which is 100% made in Battista with merchandising and accessories by Ho.Re.Ca. that complete the wide range of quality products. Our offer ranges from the classic and functional tray, the napkin holders that you can find in two variants, one signed Battistino, the other Battista Caffè, capacious dispensers for paper towels marked by our brand. We designed the sugar holders both for counter and table, signed Battistino and Battista, in different shapes, which also respond to the various spatial and visual needs. We also have a very special sugar holder: a fun and entertaining "mug"! Finally, to complete our merchandising we have metal spoons, which are very special and stylish!

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