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Why does coffee at a café taste different?

18 April 2018

Many think that coffee at a café is better than that prepared at home, because those behind the counter have more experience and skill. However, many others are convinced that coffee ordered at a café is stronger and therefore contains more caffeine. Both of the things we have told you so far are wrong! Coffee at a café, beyond the experience of the barista, fully exploits the principles of chemistry and physics: the quality of the coffee and blend, the temperature and chemical composition of the water, the correct ratio between water and coffee. And then, obviously, a café espresso machine is not like the one at home. Tap water at home is always very hard with elevated percentages of limestone and chlorine, which contribute to alter, by no small measure, the flavour of the blend, often making it more acidic. Regarding the caffeine issue, let's debunk the myth that coffee served at a café is stronger, rather, the truth is that it contains half of the caffeine contained in the blend prepared with a moka coffee- maker at home. This is a ratio of approximately 40mg to 80mg. Admittedly, coffee at a café is certainly creamier than that prepared with moka coffee-maker, right?! Obviously, the freshness of the coffee is the determining factor. Roasted coffee contains a significant amount of CO₂ and other substances. That's why Torrefazione Michele Battista has selected 3 large whole bean blends for the Bar line. You can find the Espresso bar Forte and  Delicata blend, in which the best qualities of green coffee beans are selected from Central and South America, Africa and India and Vida Battistino Espresso Bar, fair trade, selected from organic cultivation toasted by hand in small quantities.   Now, all that's left to do is to find a café serving Torrefazione Michele Battista in your city, choose your blend and enjoy a wonderful coffee!    

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