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Bar Line

The Ho.Re.Ca. line is made of six different blends and it also includes Decaffeinated Coffee, Barley, Dolc'è Sweetener and single-dose sugar packets. Over the years, the work of the Battista family within the Café sector has changed; at the beginning it only consisted in supplying cafés with raw coffee, whereas today the company can also take care of the equipment, always aiming at customer satisfaction and a good management of his business.

Liquorito has been recently introduced, and the line includes Liquorito Coffee and Liquorito Cappuccino. The first is a liquor based on the blend Michele Battista, whereas the second is Coffee cream and whipped cream with a sweet and velvety taste to please the most discriminating palates. The Vending sector is rapidly increasing and now boasts its own production line, thus relying on a wide range of coffee, decaffeinated coffee and infusions.

Distribution in Ho.Re.Ca. is the core business of the company and the oldest activity of the roasting company. The competence developed over the past seven decades of coffee business by the Battista family is now available to its dealers / distributors.

We will support you with the setting and establishment of a logistics and sales network in the market of the cafeterias, restaurants and hotels sector by providing you technical and marketing know-how to consolidate a position in your business reference market. Some interesting success case histories allow us today to have a strong knowledge of the sales tools and the steps to be taken to set a successful dealership in very different markets.

From the old tradition of the roasting company of the Battista family we got the Miscela Superiore, the secret recipe most sold of the company, that resume in one blend all the history of the company. Velvet body and intense aftertaste, strong and precise roasting that sublimes in a full taste of dried fruits, toasted bread and hazelnut In order to conceive and then prepare a premium quality coffee blend for cafès, it is essential to select the growing regions, perform a perfect roasting, wait for the time coffee requires and then, prepare it in the best way possible.

Michele Battista Espresso blend for Cafès follow these simple rules and offer a range of blends coming from the highest quality fields from central and south America, Africa and India, properly balanced and roasted ready to be prepared by bartender. The bartender plays a key role in performing his precious art, that is why the company has decided to create a line of professional equipment and start different training courses to state “The Art of Espresso Coffee”.



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