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Vida Battistino is the coffee in harmony with life and environment. Fairtrade and biological certified, it's a coffee line coming from Fairtrade originally selected organic, hand-roasted in small quantities. Vida Battistino is roasted in a small manual machine and packaged in paper traditional bags in beans, in paper pods and in 125g and 250g jars, in limited edition. Each package indicates its serial number on the total production, the specific origin, the kind of roasting and the farm working in the producing country. All the wrapping of coffee are best performer, by the moment, for recyclying. It needs all the skills of an artisan who takescare of own homeland, as in times long forgotten, in order to understand the ecological side of his work and the experience of a craft company established to realize that the fair job returns its value by the time, by quality of products and process, not in expotation and price rules. Traditional paper pods, ecological and compostable Nespresso* compatible capsules, racy sparkling coffee drink, premium quality coffee beans, precius and reusable cans of 125 and 250 grams of ground coffee or in beans. Coffee in all variants of use, with the common denominator of Organic Agricolture for a Vida better and better Il comodo espositore è personalizzabile secondo necessità e richiesta del mercato. The self standing display is customizable according to your market demand.



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